Wednesday, February 20, 2008

One year later

Obviously I have not been here to post or update in quite some time. For those of you that have visited regularly, I do apologize. There just has not been anything that I have wanted talk about as far as TPS goes. I had a period of time that I did not have to deal with TPS, but it was short lived.

As you already know Bill Harner is not the permanent TPS Superintendant, he turned it down and John Foley was given the contract and position. I do think that this was a smart move for TPS!

Debra Barnett stepped down from the school board and Jack Ford was appointed to fill her seat until the next election in November. Although Mr. Ford stated he had no intention of actually running for the seat for a 4 year term, he did end up running as well as Lisa Sobecki, Cheryl Catlin, Ted Jobe, Harold Mosley, and Chris Myers. In November Jack Ford and Lisa Sobeki were chosen by the voters to 4 year terms on the school board to replace the seats that were vacated by Ms. Barnett and Larry Sykes.

We have also recently heard that Robert Torres is stepping down from the TPS school board because of his acceptance of a job offer in another town. We'll soon find out the names of the applicants to be considered for appointment to his seat on the school board.

From my perspective things at TPS have drastically calmed down in the past year. I will not pinpoint the changes on any specific event because I feel that they have happened because of a combination of things. Many feel that the fact that Mr. Sykes is no longer a member of the school board is the main reason for the change, others feel that the early addition of Mr. Ford to fill Ms. Barnett's seat have been the biggest reason for the change. I do not know why the changes have happened, but I do know that I will not complain. For the first time in a very long time it feels as if things for TPS and the school board are on the right track! Lets just hope it stays that way!

My next post will be a little less nice, but not at all related to the school board!

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